Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Laek House sponsoring the Ratpack!

My buddy Ethan was more than flattered to be asked to be on board as a sponsor, and he's determined to make it out one of these weeks. He's been pretty busy making some of the raddest hats you'll ever see, though, and I heard preorders are now being taken for 'em..
Laek House Clothing

Expect to see Wreck Stuff prizes soon, too!


Prolly was bloggin' us first.

I just came across my homeboy John Prolly's blog, and he's got a really nice write up on the Rat Pack from a few weeks ago. He also has a really nice white Marinoni..

Prolly is also the dude in charge of the BQE Peel Sessions going on tomorrow night in Brooklyn! I'll be there proving that clipless pedals are horrible for pulling off this freestyle foolishness.

Come on out!


New photoset from Jose Martinez

Oct. 29th Races from Jose Martinez. I'm so stoked that he rides out with us and shoots such cool shots.

Happy Halloween everybody.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Previous Results!

Since last night was the third installment of the Rat Pack Hustle, there's two weeks worth of times missing. Its much easier to compare how you 'n yer friends are doing when all your times are in one place.

Oct. 15th
Preliminary Heats!
josh evans ----- 19;56
john prolly --- 16;87
daniel l -------- 17;71
mac ----------- 18;57
john b -------- 16;34*
anthony d ----- 18;30
lucas ----------- 18;15
peter ---------- 18;73
lawrence ------ 17;91
quacker ------ 16;53
blake ---------- 19;34
justintalent --- 19;23
andras -------- 16;75
kyle ------------ 16;41

john prolly --- 16;68
john b -------- 16;70
peter ---------- 17;19
quacker ------ 16;26*
andras --------- 16;52
kyle ------------ 16;45

kyle ------ 17;05
quacker --- 16;24*

*best time for heat

Oct. 22nd
Preliminary Heats!
Andras: 17:19
Lawrence: 18:39
Cosme (Quacker): 16:85
Nikola: 17:28
Jameson: 16:58
Alex (Quarters): 15:94*
Justin Talent: 19:25
William: 16:50
Niki: 16:25
Daniel: 17:50
Jack Crank: 17:19
John B: 16:58
Heather: 20:48*
Alex Hellner: 17:97
Isaiah: 16:90
Kyle: 16:55

semi finals!
jameson: 16:42
Alex (Quarters): 15:65
William: 16:06
Niki: 16:78
John B: 16:39
Kyle: 17:34

alex (quarters): 16:88
william: 16:14

anybody that would be willing to turn all this data into some sort of chart, graph or diagram gets as much personal open bar as i can afford to keep open.


"why did you jerks steal the WOLFPACK HUSTLE name?!"

ha! good question.

i don't remember.

Big ups to the original Los Angeles Wolfpack Hustle

we like LA and stealing is funny. i think.

nope, i don't remember.


Times and Standings for Monday, 10/29/07

Last night we had a ...cozier turnout than normal, but those of you who braved the cold and dealt with the time change, thanks for coming out and setting the bar WAY up there for future contenders.

We did two preliminary heats last night followed by a semifinal heat. Times are as follows.

Heat 1
Jeremy - 15:86
Brantley 16:09
Josh (Dallas) - 17:87
Jacob (Dallas) - 17:64
Cosme - 15:81
Nikola - *****
Niki - *****

Heat 2
Jeremy - 15:84
Brantley 15:75
Josh (Dallas) - 18:22
Jacob (Dallas) - 18:13
Cosme - 15:97
Nikola - 15:86
Niki - 16:38
Bonesy - 16:08

Cosme - 15:97
Nikola - 15:96
Jeremy - 15:65
Brantley 15:50

Cosme and Nikola had a damned impressive neck 'n neck finish, but we had Nikola clocked at 1/100th of a second ahead, and awarded him third place for the night.

Jeremy and Brantley put in blazingly fast times - fast enough to claim the two fastest times of the series and take 2nd and 1st for the night respectively. After their semifinal round, it was decided that a finals round wasn't really necessary, and damn it, it got really cold out.

Thanks to JustinTalent and Victoria for coming out and assisting, as well as Jacob and Josh coming out and representing Skidmarxxx Crew out of Dallas TX.

Check back soon for another Jose Martinez photoset from last night, as well as updates on past times and future announcements!


Monday, October 29, 2007


this is about as last minute as it gets, but tonight we're gonna play ball with the weather and the 9 - 5 rat racers out there.


brooklyn group ride meets at 7:20 at the north side entrance to the williamsburg bridge.

same location, same level of sassy. but now you can get to bed at a decent hour. or make it to the Levee for at least one round of "Run to the Hills".


jose martinez photography. most excellent.

J. Martinez has been taking some phenomenal photos in and around the NYC cycling community lately (as well as elsewhere), and he rode up to the WSBP at Riverbank State Park to take some killer night photos of last week's Rat Pack Hustle races.



i would like nothing more than to print these out and quietly leave them on the counter. next to the register. while i tip toe out in the morning. you wake up to single rose placed neatly in the case with the hubs. also these flyers.

take one.


The Rat Pack Hustle on the internerds!

...right back where it started.

News updates, sponsors, flyers, weekly recaps, individual times, winners!!!

Little by little, all things pertaining to the 'Hustle will be posted here.

in the meantime, feel free to email me with any questions you've got.

<3 see you tonight!