Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Photography from "Bitless" Phil!

Lotsa great shots from last night's 'Hustle. Check them out!

Jose was out again this week as well, so expect more pictures soon!

TImes for Monday, Nov. 12th

Last night was soooo much fun. 20 people stepped up and raced, some new folks showed up and got down, some old times were beaten, some thunderstorms turned into some funderstorms... Here's everyone's times and what have you;

Preliminary Heats
Jeremy - 15.78
Bones - 16.41
Cooper - 16.08
Angel - 18.34
Oliver - 17.00
Nikola - 15.92
Daniel - 17.47
Eric Catfish - 16.39
KevinBot - 16.81
Alex Quarters - 16.02
Lucas - DFL
ChrisBrkln - 17.61
Rodrigo - 17.93
Lawrence - 18.06
Kierie - 19.55
Victoria - 20.78
Brantley - 15.73
Cosme - 15.80
Mattio - 16.24
Gabe - 17.23

I don't know what to say about the beer sprints. Mind Blowing and definitely fun. Expect more of this next week and expect a full blown Boston style Schlitz Blitz in the future (as soon as i can convince Scott to get his ass down here).
Jeremy, Cosme, Cooper and Brantley put together the all-star group known as "Team Barely Illegal" and all four members took on both sprint rounds with all kinds of ferocity.

Jeremy - 15.82
Cooper - 16.45
Alex - 16.37
Brantley - 16.03
Cosme - 15.86
Nikola - 15.97

Three Way Final
Cosme - 15.88
Nikola - 15.84
Jeremy - 15.80

The finals were intensely close. One wheel overlapping the other across the line.

Thanks again for coming out this week, and remember!
NEXT WEEK IS THE FINAL RAT PACK HUSTLE MEET! Harder competition, bigger beer sprints, more prizes and an awful lot of 'Hustle!


Monday, November 12, 2007

Sponsorship Update! CRUMPLER BAGS!!

Big thanks to Bianca at Crumpler for always having the best possible attitude (as well as the best accent). Beer and Prizes to ensue!


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Standings for Monday, 11-05-07

Holy crap was last night fun or what? Solid turnout, solid sprint matches, bearable weather and some new goofball antics that you can be sure wil follow into the next two weeks.

Preliminary Heats!
cosme: 16:15
rodrigo: 17:97
jeremy: 16:31
john b: 17:23
daniel: 17:29
nikola: 16:28
lawrence: 17:87
alex: 17:21
brantley: 15:72
jose: 17:47
kevin: 18:03
gabe: DFL!
niki: 16:81
bones: 16:53

Since alex and john were so closely matched, a challenge was thrown up and accepted. the two went head to head for the 6th seat in the semi finals, first the cross the line takes it. after some serious mashing on both parts, john managed to pull ahead and take the win, moving on toward the rest of the night. however, i owe alex a beer for thinking his name was pete all night. i mean, i'm really awful with names, no doubt about that, but i think i called him "pete" like six times. i make no claims that i'm not a jerk.

Anyway! Before the semi finals we threw out the weekly curve ball which shall now be the standard!


Three teams of four going relay style from the start to a can of cheap, cheap beer and then back. I think i had more fun watching this than you all did racing it. Jeremy, Cosme, Lawrence and Daniel proved themselves the victors as "Team Grape Slushies". we're certainly doing this again next monday.

The distance has been changed! I didn't really bother to measure it out. Yeah. Guess who's lazy over here. I was shooting for somewhere in the 250-300m range. Who knows what it really is!

cosme: ****
niki: ****
jeremy: 23:60
nikola: 23:86
brantley: 23:06
john b: 25:37

After a communication error, niki and cosme were without times going into the finals, so a decision was made to take the winner of each semi final heat and do a three-way sprint to determine placing. Since cosme won his heat, he advanced.

cosme: 22:91
jeremy: 23:00
brantley: 22:84

Thanks again to all who came out, helped out and rocked out last night. I'll see you monday.


Sage Brown is sponsoring the 'Hustle!

Sage Brown makes some really unique caps and I'm super excited that he's signed on to sponsor the Rat Pack Hustle.

Thanks Sage!


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sponsorship by Trackstar!

Trackstar said they're gonna give us a pony! woo hoo! ...or maybe Brad said "puppy". I might have just made that up. Either way, start steppin' yer game up, because we're definitely gonna have something awesome from Trackstar.

Any of you that haven't met Brad from Trackstar, I highly recommend you introduce yourself when you see him. That guy is a gentleman to the max. Just hearing back from him this morning alone almost cured my hangover. Halloween got rough!