Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Results for Week Three!

Last night's matches went very smoothly, and we've got a healthy mix of old faces and new riders each week, which i'm more than happy with. Daniel once again managed to post the same exact time for both of his heats, which is getting a little creepy, and we had three first timers qualify for the semi finals, with the whole night going to Kennedy, who overcame some hefty competition from Alex, Jody and fellow newcomer Massan who all posted times under 21 seconds.

The breakdown is as follows:

Chris D: 23:40
Pat: 22:87

Erik B: 20:59
Nathan: 24:68

Alex B: 20:05
Daniel: 21:87

John K: 21:93
Harvey: 21:81

Lucas: 21:45
Jody: 20:28

Gabe: 21:79
Jack: 22:68

Justin: 23:53
Chris P: 21:61

Massan: 20:23
Kennedy: 19:87

Repechage Heat
Chris D: 23:44
Nathan: 24:46

Jack: 22:59
Daniel: 21:87

Gabe: 21:53
Lucas: 22:27

Justin: 23:63
Pat: 23:39

John K: 21:28
Chris P: 21:77

Harvey: 21:34
Andras: 22::09

Massan: 20:78
Jody: 20:35

Erik B: 21:23
John K: 21:12

Alex: 19:78
Kennedy: 20:02

Kennedy: 19:68
Alex: 19:83

Thanks again to everyone who came out, and if you have pictures from the week before, send 'em to me so i can post 'em up!


See you next week!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Photos from week two

I know there's a lot more photos out there from this last week, but so far only Alan has gotten his out there on the internets. STEP UP YER GAME, INTERNET USERS.

you can read up on Alan's review of the night here, as well as a nice write up from Rat Pack first timer Lyle on his blog Projekt-B.

In the meantime, I've got to get this printed flyer done. I've got to get these shirts made. I've got to relearn the bass solo to Tommy the Cat. ...(three minute mark)

'Til monday!!!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week II is another success!

last night was a blast. A few more new faces showed up, Alan's photography got a little more sophisticated, and we even had a few casual spectators (which i wholeheartedly welcome). Jody brought along a wheeled distance measurement device ...thing, and figured out that we're actually racing a distance of around 786 feet, which puts us approximately 240 meters. excellent!

so, this week we laid down some start/finish line tape, implemented the walkie talkies, and got the following times:


Daniel: 21:24
Jeremy: 19:86

Jody: 20:71
Jun: 21:47

Justin: 23:99
John K: 21:12

Alan: 22:78
Rodney: 23:67

Alex L: 20:97
Alex B: 20:02

Lyle: 21:43
Harvey: 21:96


Daniel: 21:34
Jun: 21:20

Justin: 23:97
Alan: 23:25

Rodney: 23:19
Lyle: 21:67

Harvey: 21:38
Bones: 20:27


Jeremy: 19:77
Jody: 20:25

John K: 20:89
Alex L: 21:18

Alex B: 20:58
Jun: 21:63


Jeremy: 20:12
Jody: 20:28

All in all, everyone put in a solid effort last night. Special mention goes to Daniel, who gets the consistency award for clocking 21:34 in both of his races, and the most improved award for shaving a full second off of his time from last week, as well as to Jun who made it to the semifinal round on his first night out at Rat Pack ever. and of course, Justin for procuring the walkie talkies.

I'll have a few more updates as the days roll on, and we'll see you next week!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Photos from 9/08/08

Once again, Alan of CyclingWMD fame has come through for the Rat Pack with photos from this past monday's races. Check 'em out here.

Come on out next week, we'll have walkie talkies and masking tape on hand this time ; )


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Times for Monday, 09/08/08 - first night back

Format for last night went as follows: Preliminary Heats > Repachage Heats > Semifinals > Finals. Top five move onto the Semifinals, Repachage for the 6th spot, top two move onto the finals.

This way everyone races twice, with the top two and repachage winners racing three times.

Nathan: 24:72
Justin: 23:78
Pat: 23:42
Benx5: 22:75
Alan: 22:43
Daniel: 22:41
Gabe: 22:18
Andras: 22:15
Lucas: 22:03
Johhny B: 21:97
Cooper: 21:84
Jody: 21:15
Nikola: 20:64
Alex: 19:78
Jeremy: 19:18

Nathan: 25:13
Justin: 24:09
Pat: 23:25
Alan: 22:90
Ben: 22:66
Daniel: 22:53
Lucas: 22:03
Andras: 21:90
Gabe: 21:84
Johnny B: 21:45
Bones: 20:59

Cooper: 21:75
Johhny: 21:15
Jody: 20:85
Nikola: 20:70
Alex: 19:97
Jeremy: 19:87

Alex: 20:16
Jeremy: 20:05

Thanks again to all who came out! I'll have photos posted up as soon as I get 'em. See you next week.



So, last night marked the first night of the second year of the Rat Pack, and it went amazingly well. We had 15 riders come out, including a few new faces, and it was incredible to see how hard people were pushing themselves out there. There were some incredibly close matches, some strong competitors, a lot of determination and a lot of high fives.

I'll post everyone's times later on in the day, but for now, here's some video that Alan of CyclingWMD fame put together of a few of last night's matches. Thanks Alan!

Rat Pack II: first night

Thanks again to Affinity, Contiuum and Trackstar for their sponsorship and support this year!

-Dan Bones