Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rat Pack Finale!

Its over! Rat Pack was extremely tight this year, with some amazing races, a lot of amazing racers, a bunch of new friends, good photos and some great prizes from Mishka, Trackstar, Continuum and JustinTalent.

I personally had an amazing time this year, and my only regret is COMPLETELY overbooking myself between working too many hours and takin' an illustration class. Rat Pack had to play second fiddle to a lot of serious business, and for that, i wholeheartedly apologize.

Anyway, i'm gonna do this bit by bit, because we have a lotta times from the last two nights to put up, final standings, some sweet video from Alan of CyclingWMD fame, and god damn it, I am still hellbent on getting these shirts made!. Click the image to see this full sized.

And Alan's video from November 3rd, the final night.
Rat Pack Hustle: Last meet

I still have times to post up, and I'll be sure to let you know what future plans are in the works for the Rat Pack!


Monday, October 27, 2008


Sorry folks, I know its rather last minute, but I've been steadily feeling worse as this day's worn on, and i'm pretty sure i'm gonna barf all over the place en route to harlem tonight.

and quite frankly, after Bike Kill this past saturday, being hunched over a bike, throwing up in the gutter in the pouring rain is not particularly how i wanna spend my night.

Basically, I've been working too much, and its taking its toll on me, so in turn I'm taking it out on you. One day you'll forgive me.

We're on next week. I'll make it up to you, i swear!


(bike kill photoset by Blake Sinclair)

Monday, October 20, 2008


Tonight makes the sixth night of Rat Pack sprints after taking last Monday off for Columbus Day. ...also, i was still on a bus coming back from Boston by the time we woulda got started. sorry!

Remember its gettin' colder out at night these days, but we handled it well last year and we'll do so again this year. Just dress warm!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Times for October 6th! Shirts coming sooner than later.

good lord, how much longer can i possibly put off updating this thing?!

I didn't even get a chance to say that last monday the 13th (columbus day) was cancelled! Needless to say, my plate is completely full at the moment, and its proving difficult to keep this Rat Pack Ship afloat these days, and with only three weeks of racing left, i might need a little help making sure everything gets done correctly here.

first off, here's your times for monday, october 6th.


Alex: 20:20
Chris P: 21:02
Harvey: 21:35
Daniel: 21:59
Kennedy: 20:07
Keirie: 25:56
Chris D: 23:63
Blake: 23:81
Keirie: 25:23
Abby: 27:52
David: 22:15
Justin: 24:70

(no repechage heat this week)


Kennedy: 19:98
Alex: 20:06
Chris P: 21:70
Daniel: 22:00
Harvey: 21:30
David: 21:50
Keirie: 25:54
Abby: 26:08
Justin: 24:78
Lyle (bmx!): 24:80


Kennedy: 19:65
Alex: 20:06

The weather is gettin' colder out at night, and everyone's times dipped a little because of it. I was on week two of a three week (and counting) headcold, so my organization skills were pretty off, but thanks to everyone who came out and raced, as well as everyone who volunteered to help out with stopwatches and starting countdowns.

Also, I'm trying to get ahold of Jason at TeamScreen to get some shirts printed up. I have to go over the linework one last time, but i'm really, really pleased with how its looking right now. Here's the rough draft, sans frame and banner.

The final version has no less than thirteen rats in the image. I'm really excited to finally get these underway!

I think that's all for now. See you next monday!


Friday, October 10, 2008


arrrgh!! i have your times and other exciting updates from this past monday, but this is urgent!

my white Waterford lugged 853 road bike was stolen out of my office building today at about noon.

56tt/55st lugged 853 steel with a chrome fork,
sram rival components with a carbon force crankset
rolf prima vigor RS wheelset
silver thomson post
black salsa stem
black king 1" heaset
san marco regal saddle.

so! this brings the total over the past five months up to 2 broken collarbones, one stolen front wheel, one fucked up fork, one broken set of road bars, one stolen rear light, one broken rear wheel, one completely destroyed bike and one complete stolen bike.

PLEASE keep an eye out for it. email me at danbones@danbones.com if you hear of anything. I'll update your times when i stop being so absolutely furious. aaaargghh!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Late Post! two weeks worth of updates

Hey everybody,
my apologies for slipping last week, but i got all caught up juggling a head cold and too many deadlines for various other projects. Those of you that came out last night know that i still have a cold, but we had some excellent races, so it was well worth it.

However, here's last weeks times before we get into last night.


Harvey: 21:00
Jeremy: 19:68
Jody: 20:53
Lucas: 21:17
Erik B: 21:20
Lyle: 21:68
Keirie: 25:41
Oliver: 24:53
Alex B: 20:10
William: 21:14
Justin: 23:36
Andrew: 21:00
Daniel: 21:83
Aaron: 21:56
Andrei: 22:05
Jun: 21:40


Keirie: 25:84
Abby: 26:58
William: 20:59
Lyle: 21:25
Aaron: 21:62
Erik B: 21:03
Daniel: 21:68
Oliver: 23:77
Lucas: 21:04
Jun: 21:68
Justin: 23:72
Andrei: 22:21


Jeremy: 20:56
Jody: 20:78
Harvey: 21:25*
Andrew: 20:67*
Alex B: 19:70
William: 19:94

*Rematch due to squirrely riding
Harvey: 21:70
Andrew: --:-- (unclipped)

Alex B: 19:81
William: 20:31

I still have the times for Week Five to post up, but in the meantime, take a look at the photos Blake took from last night's races.

if you look through his other photos, you can see some pretty excellent shots he took of my leg, as well.

I'll post again soon, but email me if you've got any questions! Danbones@danbones.com.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Results for Week Three!

Last night's matches went very smoothly, and we've got a healthy mix of old faces and new riders each week, which i'm more than happy with. Daniel once again managed to post the same exact time for both of his heats, which is getting a little creepy, and we had three first timers qualify for the semi finals, with the whole night going to Kennedy, who overcame some hefty competition from Alex, Jody and fellow newcomer Massan who all posted times under 21 seconds.

The breakdown is as follows:

Chris D: 23:40
Pat: 22:87

Erik B: 20:59
Nathan: 24:68

Alex B: 20:05
Daniel: 21:87

John K: 21:93
Harvey: 21:81

Lucas: 21:45
Jody: 20:28

Gabe: 21:79
Jack: 22:68

Justin: 23:53
Chris P: 21:61

Massan: 20:23
Kennedy: 19:87

Repechage Heat
Chris D: 23:44
Nathan: 24:46

Jack: 22:59
Daniel: 21:87

Gabe: 21:53
Lucas: 22:27

Justin: 23:63
Pat: 23:39

John K: 21:28
Chris P: 21:77

Harvey: 21:34
Andras: 22::09

Massan: 20:78
Jody: 20:35

Erik B: 21:23
John K: 21:12

Alex: 19:78
Kennedy: 20:02

Kennedy: 19:68
Alex: 19:83

Thanks again to everyone who came out, and if you have pictures from the week before, send 'em to me so i can post 'em up!


See you next week!