Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rat Pack Finale!

Its over! Rat Pack was extremely tight this year, with some amazing races, a lot of amazing racers, a bunch of new friends, good photos and some great prizes from Mishka, Trackstar, Continuum and JustinTalent.

I personally had an amazing time this year, and my only regret is COMPLETELY overbooking myself between working too many hours and takin' an illustration class. Rat Pack had to play second fiddle to a lot of serious business, and for that, i wholeheartedly apologize.

Anyway, i'm gonna do this bit by bit, because we have a lotta times from the last two nights to put up, final standings, some sweet video from Alan of CyclingWMD fame, and god damn it, I am still hellbent on getting these shirts made!. Click the image to see this full sized.

And Alan's video from November 3rd, the final night.
Rat Pack Hustle: Last meet

I still have times to post up, and I'll be sure to let you know what future plans are in the works for the Rat Pack!