Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Results for Week Three!

Last night's matches went very smoothly, and we've got a healthy mix of old faces and new riders each week, which i'm more than happy with. Daniel once again managed to post the same exact time for both of his heats, which is getting a little creepy, and we had three first timers qualify for the semi finals, with the whole night going to Kennedy, who overcame some hefty competition from Alex, Jody and fellow newcomer Massan who all posted times under 21 seconds.

The breakdown is as follows:

Chris D: 23:40
Pat: 22:87

Erik B: 20:59
Nathan: 24:68

Alex B: 20:05
Daniel: 21:87

John K: 21:93
Harvey: 21:81

Lucas: 21:45
Jody: 20:28

Gabe: 21:79
Jack: 22:68

Justin: 23:53
Chris P: 21:61

Massan: 20:23
Kennedy: 19:87

Repechage Heat
Chris D: 23:44
Nathan: 24:46

Jack: 22:59
Daniel: 21:87

Gabe: 21:53
Lucas: 22:27

Justin: 23:63
Pat: 23:39

John K: 21:28
Chris P: 21:77

Harvey: 21:34
Andras: 22::09

Massan: 20:78
Jody: 20:35

Erik B: 21:23
John K: 21:12

Alex: 19:78
Kennedy: 20:02

Kennedy: 19:68
Alex: 19:83

Thanks again to everyone who came out, and if you have pictures from the week before, send 'em to me so i can post 'em up!


See you next week!


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