Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week II is another success!

last night was a blast. A few more new faces showed up, Alan's photography got a little more sophisticated, and we even had a few casual spectators (which i wholeheartedly welcome). Jody brought along a wheeled distance measurement device ...thing, and figured out that we're actually racing a distance of around 786 feet, which puts us approximately 240 meters. excellent!

so, this week we laid down some start/finish line tape, implemented the walkie talkies, and got the following times:


Daniel: 21:24
Jeremy: 19:86

Jody: 20:71
Jun: 21:47

Justin: 23:99
John K: 21:12

Alan: 22:78
Rodney: 23:67

Alex L: 20:97
Alex B: 20:02

Lyle: 21:43
Harvey: 21:96


Daniel: 21:34
Jun: 21:20

Justin: 23:97
Alan: 23:25

Rodney: 23:19
Lyle: 21:67

Harvey: 21:38
Bones: 20:27


Jeremy: 19:77
Jody: 20:25

John K: 20:89
Alex L: 21:18

Alex B: 20:58
Jun: 21:63


Jeremy: 20:12
Jody: 20:28

All in all, everyone put in a solid effort last night. Special mention goes to Daniel, who gets the consistency award for clocking 21:34 in both of his races, and the most improved award for shaving a full second off of his time from last week, as well as to Jun who made it to the semifinal round on his first night out at Rat Pack ever. and of course, Justin for procuring the walkie talkies.

I'll have a few more updates as the days roll on, and we'll see you next week!


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