Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Times for October 6th! Shirts coming sooner than later.

good lord, how much longer can i possibly put off updating this thing?!

I didn't even get a chance to say that last monday the 13th (columbus day) was cancelled! Needless to say, my plate is completely full at the moment, and its proving difficult to keep this Rat Pack Ship afloat these days, and with only three weeks of racing left, i might need a little help making sure everything gets done correctly here.

first off, here's your times for monday, october 6th.


Alex: 20:20
Chris P: 21:02
Harvey: 21:35
Daniel: 21:59
Kennedy: 20:07
Keirie: 25:56
Chris D: 23:63
Blake: 23:81
Keirie: 25:23
Abby: 27:52
David: 22:15
Justin: 24:70

(no repechage heat this week)


Kennedy: 19:98
Alex: 20:06
Chris P: 21:70
Daniel: 22:00
Harvey: 21:30
David: 21:50
Keirie: 25:54
Abby: 26:08
Justin: 24:78
Lyle (bmx!): 24:80


Kennedy: 19:65
Alex: 20:06

The weather is gettin' colder out at night, and everyone's times dipped a little because of it. I was on week two of a three week (and counting) headcold, so my organization skills were pretty off, but thanks to everyone who came out and raced, as well as everyone who volunteered to help out with stopwatches and starting countdowns.

Also, I'm trying to get ahold of Jason at TeamScreen to get some shirts printed up. I have to go over the linework one last time, but i'm really, really pleased with how its looking right now. Here's the rough draft, sans frame and banner.

The final version has no less than thirteen rats in the image. I'm really excited to finally get these underway!

I think that's all for now. See you next monday!


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