Friday, October 10, 2008


arrrgh!! i have your times and other exciting updates from this past monday, but this is urgent!

my white Waterford lugged 853 road bike was stolen out of my office building today at about noon.

56tt/55st lugged 853 steel with a chrome fork,
sram rival components with a carbon force crankset
rolf prima vigor RS wheelset
silver thomson post
black salsa stem
black king 1" heaset
san marco regal saddle.

so! this brings the total over the past five months up to 2 broken collarbones, one stolen front wheel, one fucked up fork, one broken set of road bars, one stolen rear light, one broken rear wheel, one completely destroyed bike and one complete stolen bike.

PLEASE keep an eye out for it. email me at if you hear of anything. I'll update your times when i stop being so absolutely furious. aaaargghh!


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