Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Late Post! two weeks worth of updates

Hey everybody,
my apologies for slipping last week, but i got all caught up juggling a head cold and too many deadlines for various other projects. Those of you that came out last night know that i still have a cold, but we had some excellent races, so it was well worth it.

However, here's last weeks times before we get into last night.


Harvey: 21:00
Jeremy: 19:68
Jody: 20:53
Lucas: 21:17
Erik B: 21:20
Lyle: 21:68
Keirie: 25:41
Oliver: 24:53
Alex B: 20:10
William: 21:14
Justin: 23:36
Andrew: 21:00
Daniel: 21:83
Aaron: 21:56
Andrei: 22:05
Jun: 21:40


Keirie: 25:84
Abby: 26:58
William: 20:59
Lyle: 21:25
Aaron: 21:62
Erik B: 21:03
Daniel: 21:68
Oliver: 23:77
Lucas: 21:04
Jun: 21:68
Justin: 23:72
Andrei: 22:21


Jeremy: 20:56
Jody: 20:78
Harvey: 21:25*
Andrew: 20:67*
Alex B: 19:70
William: 19:94

*Rematch due to squirrely riding
Harvey: 21:70
Andrew: --:-- (unclipped)

Alex B: 19:81
William: 20:31

I still have the times for Week Five to post up, but in the meantime, take a look at the photos Blake took from last night's races.

if you look through his other photos, you can see some pretty excellent shots he took of my leg, as well.

I'll post again soon, but email me if you've got any questions! Danbones@danbones.com.



((lyledriver)) said...

Hrm.. I actually think that the initial week 4 times for myself and Erik B need to be switched

Erik B: 21:68
Lyle: 21:20

He came across the line before me.
So its either timing error, or the times are switched.

NYC Rat Pack Hustle said...

good catch!

i'll make sure i fix that. i keep switching people around and crossing out names, so its pretty messy.

or maybe i just read it backwards. i'll double check what i've got today, i was pretty out of it while typing this yesterday!